If you can’t sleep – help is right here. Get your sleep back in a natural way.

If you have a sleep problem look no further.  My friend, Kim Meyer, has suffered many years from this hellish ailment. As a kid, he was often sleepwalking and scared the living night-light out of his parents. In those days, in the 60′-70′, not much help was around except pills.

The years passed by and after a fair share of trial and error combined with an extensive research, Kim has accumulated a profound knowledge of the most common causes concerning this exhausting stress triggering topic.

The result is the guide ‘Time 2 Sleep‘ with several ‘easy to follow’ tips and focus on natural, healthy and inexpensive solutions to some of the most common sleep problems that many of us struggle with today. Other helpful insights, such as why clean water is important, are also mentioned.

I recommend this short but intense guide and this is what You need to do;

  1. Get the guide Time 2 Sleep Read it to be able to…
  2. Determine which solution corresponds to your basic sleep problem
  3. Get the herbs and start to recover your healthy sleep pattern again.

The Bach Flower Essences can be obtained from http://healingherbs.co.uk. Worldwide you can buy Passiflora and Ashwagandha from any Amazon store or at your local drugstore.  Swedish customers can buy them at http://svenskhalsokost.se and http://husapoteket.eu.

Enjoy a good nights sleep again!

Helen Mortensen